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Max Payne 3: Review

This game brings back a lot of memories.  Back in the days when they still released demos I played the Max Payne demo until I knew every nook and cranny.  The full game was nearly as good.  Max Payne 2 … Continue reading

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Bullitt: Review

My SOS (significant other schmoopie) does not like older movies, the cutoff being somewhere in the 80s it seems so I had to watch this one alone.  Like many movies of the 60s and 70s the movie revels in its … Continue reading

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Prometheus: Review

So I must admit that my expectations for this movie were very different from what actually was put on film.  Somehow the previews has me convinced this was epic space opera and not a prequel to Alien. Still, it does … Continue reading

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Robin Hobb’s Farseer Trilogy: Review

Robin Hobb is a well-respected fantasy author and one that my girlfriend has often recommended to me.  Her reputation must rest on later works because this trilogy far from impressed me especially in light of the many excellent debuts I … Continue reading

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