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Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

This is an interesting movie because despite its frantic pace and and big budget glamour all the best scenes are characters talking to each other.  It’s also refreshing to see Star Trek infused with some ideology and philosophy again after … Continue reading

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How to Workout According the Scientists and the Bros Part 1: Programming

Here I am going to compile some of the rare facts about weightlifting that exercise science has actually given the world.  I don’t claim any expertise, this is just from reading sites like Suppversity and words from world class trainers.  … Continue reading

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Games as Art: Why do Video Game Stories Underwhelm?

There is a constant battle waged across the hellscape that is the internet over whether video games will ever achieve classification as capital A, Art.  I personally don’t think any game yet has achieved that distinction; games are on the … Continue reading

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Best Pictures of 2012

I have finally watched what I consider were the big three contenders for best picture last year: Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty and Argo. I wouldn’t have even included the last one except for the insane hype around it at the … Continue reading

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