Best of Video Games: 2011


Deus Ex Human Revolution – Yeah it’s just Deus Ex remade.  Still the best game of the year a decade after its release.

Dark Souls – The fantasy RPG I always wanted but never knew.  Sequel is most anticipated game by far.

Honorable Mention:

Arkham City

Portal 2

Total War Shogun 2

Witcher 2 – Disappointing final act but otherwise superlative.

Bastion – Almost overrated, but solid little action RPG.

Saints Row 3

Dirt 3


Uncharted 3 – Whole series is overrated cinematic tripe masquerading as a game.  Can’t believe the same company made Crash Bandicoot.

La Noire – Did everyone forget that adventure games have been around forever?  Merely OK despite the press.

Killzone 3 – Another in a long list of overrated console FPS.

Ghost Trick Phantom Detective, Catherine, Trine 2, Crysis 2, Child of Eden, Beyond Good and Evil


Dragon Age 2 – First was merely adequate, this is actually a legitimately bad game.


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