Best Video Games of 2010


Mario Galaxy 2 – A bit overrated, certainly not among the best games of all time as is suggested by aggregate review sites, but quite good.

Civ 5 -I still like 4 better, but it was time they tried something new.  Expansion packs seem to b good, but I haven’t tried them.

Darksiders – Way better than any recent Zelda.  I don’t care if it cribbed from a tons of sources, just excellently put together.

Mass Effect 2 – After the mess that was the first Mass Effect, Bioware really cleaned it up and made an awesome game.  I just wish it had more character customization.

Honorable Mentions:

Starcraft 2 – Also overrated since it is basically a prettier SC1, but the single player campaign was great.  I even did the achievements and I never do achievements.

Vanquish – Shows it is still possible to put together an entertaining and somewhat unique action game.

Lara Craft and the Guardian of Light – Awesome coop game, kind of middling single player game.

Split Second, Blur


Red Dead Redemption – If you like a pile of Wild West minigames then this game is for you.  Otherwise criminally boring and the action bits are poorly done.

Limbo – Yet another indie platformer.

Bayonetta – A button mashing beat em up.  I have no idea where the critical acclaim come from.Bioshock 2 – Entire series is overrated.  You can apparently stick a cool setting and philosophical meanderings onto a clunky FPS and acquire numerous plaudits.

No More Heroes 2 – Another dull beat em up.

Just Cause 2 – GTA in the jungle.  Kind of a letdown.

Enslaved – Super dull platforming adventure game.

Dead Rising 2 – Consider this a stand in for basically every zombie game.

Alan Wake – Story makes no sense and the combat mechanics are pitiful.

Red Steel 2 – Swordfighting with a Wiimote still hasn’t been done right and this slaps a repetitive and vanilla game around clunky sword controls.

Fable 3 – Another overrated series.  The only one I could finish is the first.  It would be nice if Molyneux didn’t hype all his games with features that never see the light of day.


Fallout New Vegas – I probably didn’t give this a fair shot as I really hate the Fallout 3 combat system.  I will try to give it a new go with some mods soon.


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