Best Video Games of 2007


Super Mario Galaxy – Like its sequel, overrated but still really good.

World in Conflict – Best RTS in a long freaking time.

Portal – Yeah it’s really good and funny.

Honorable Mention:

God of War 2

Project Gotham Racing 4, Fora Motorsport 2, Dirt

Unreal Torunament 3 – Don’t make them like this any more.

The Witcher – A simplistic combat system and some grindy areas hold back an otherwise great RPG.


Bioshock – See Bioshock 2

Uncharted – See rest of series.

Ninja Gaiden – I didn’t care for the rebooted games at all; consider this a stand in for them.


Mass Effect – Clunky combat and overwrought inventory system weigh down what is actually a pretty good RPG.

Super Paper Mario – Been a huge fan of this RPG series since the SNES, but this felt rushed and ugly and the 2D bits were just bad.

Metroid Prime 3 – What did they do to my beloved series?


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