Best Video Games of 2009


Arkham Asylum: 3D Metroid with Batman stuck on an island with all our favorite villains, how could this fail?

Resident Evil 5 – I had a lot of fun playing this twice coop.

Honorable Mentions:

Shadow Complex – Short but good Metroid clone.

New Super Mario Bros Wii – Love me 2D Mario.

Fight Night Round 4 – Entire series is really well done.

Dawn of War 2- This and all xpacks are among the few decent RTS games that have come out recently.
Defense Grid – For my money, the best tower defense out there.

Devil Survivor – I am a sucker for tactical RPGs.

Prototype – Much better than Infamous, still got a bit repetitive.

Brutal Legend – Surprisingly good, but overstays its welcome.

House of the Dead Overkill, Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles -Good coop gun games.

Dirt 2


Uncharted 2

Assassin’ Creed 2 – This stands in for the entire series except the first.  They never managed to move on from the first game; instead repeating the same awful free running and combat systems and rarely offering up anything like an assassin game and then holding it all together with a dumb nonsensical plot right out of a Dan Brown novel.

Left4Dead 2 – Still ugly and still only good coop.

Infamous -Making a poor GTA clone with superpowers does not a good game make.

Borderlands – A really slow placed FPS Diablo clone, count me out.



Dragon Age Origins: Generic setting combined with a generic and straightforward plot make for an unengaging RPG.  It also had some grindy areas (like the Deep Roads) and opaque combat mechanics.  Merely average, which isn’t acceptable from Bioware.


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