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I Like All Four of My Walls, Thank You Very Much

Writing about House of Cards had me realize how much I hate all the fourth wall breaking that is the latest trend in television.  I blame The Office for starting this vile fad and I can only hope it fades … Continue reading

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House of Cards… It’s a House of Cards

By which I mean it looks so slick dressed in its post-Watergate jadedness about politics but in the end it has no substance and a strong wheeze can blow it apart. Kevin Spacey as Francis Underwood does an excellent job, … Continue reading

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Wheel of Time Books 6-8 Review

Lord of Chaos – Maybe my favorite book so far, though 3 and 4 were really good as well.  The best part of this is Rand and the constant muttering of Lews Therin in his head.  The many Aes Sedai … Continue reading

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Training According to Science, Part 3: The Little Things

Probably the last installment since the field of exercise science is not expansive and I am no expert. Cardio: Cardio of some sort has a benefit for everyone, even if mostly doing strength training.  It has been proven to help … Continue reading

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