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Guns and Race in the U.S.

A few weeks ago I learned about two horrible incidents involving young black motorists being shot to death that really riled me up.  You can read about both here and here. Now most media outlets are playing up the race … Continue reading

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Income Inequality, The Major Problem of Our Time?

There has been a strange conflux of articles this week hovering vaguely around the topic of income inequality:  Krugman’s post on Larry Summer’s Secular Stagnation Hypothesis, Wonkblog on the failure of 401ks for all but the affluent, the unfortunate food … Continue reading

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Malazan Book of the Fallen: Gardens of the Moon and Author Hubris

Not really going to write a full review, but more express a bit of resentment towards the author. Gardens of the Moon is a notoriously difficult book to get into.  Both my wife and I have started it and given … Continue reading

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Fated Blades Books 1 and 2 Review

Here we have another new author.  I am not sure if we live in a golden age of fiction or if standards have gotten laxer and everyone can get published.  So far I am leaning toward the latter as most … Continue reading

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