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The Brownie Bible

It’s once again time to document my attempts to perfect a particular staple food item.  This time around it is brownies.  The internet seems to love brownies and there is quite a wide variety of recipes to try that give … Continue reading

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Supermanager Compensation

I am currently reading Thomas Piketty’s book Capital in the Twenty First Century which has already spawned much commentary around the econoblogsphere, most of it along ideological lines.  Liberals are a little too effusive with the praise, meanwhile conservatives trot … Continue reading

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The No Recipes Fantasy

I often hear people express an opinion that being able to cook without recipes is the ultimate skill of a chef.  This seems like nonsense to me.  Do you think the best chefs really never look at recipes for inspiration or … Continue reading

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The Lean Bulk

Ah the mythical lean bulk where you gain muscle without gaining fat.  It’s every gymbros’ fantasy.  Sadly, it just doesn’t happen.  If it does, either you’re new to training and overweight or hitting the juice.  For everyone else, you are … Continue reading

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Dark Souls 1 and 2: A Retrospective

I have just finished the second Dark Souls and I am currently working on a NG+ in the original so it seems like a good chance to compare them. Lets start with the common failings.  Mechanically these games are a … Continue reading

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