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The Other Income Inequality: The College Wage Gap

While Piketty focuses on how the really rich are pulling away from everyone else in terms of wealth, others have made the case that the college wage gap is the most pressing form of income inequality.  Here is a good … Continue reading

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Piketty, the New Marx

The parallels between Marx and Piketty are quite obvious.  Both men are trying to grapple with the endgame of unfettered capitalism.  The big difference here is that Piketty has data and a century of violent and turbulent experiments in economic … Continue reading

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Piketty, Economic Historian

I just finished Piketty’s book, Capital in the Twenty First Century.   The one thing that everyone, including his critics, can agree on is that he has elevated the data entering the discourse on inequality.  That his critics then ignore … Continue reading

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