More Things I Hate in Gaming

Zombies – Jesus, so many zombie games (and movies!).  What is the fascination here?  The archetypical zombie is a boring enemy useful only as fodder to be smashed to bits and make the player feel powerful.  Of course developers realize this and add a bunch of “new” zombies, but are they really zombies at that point?

Zombies are so popular that the completely mediocre series Dead Island has now turned into a franchise with three different games on the horizon.  Oh and the same developer also has Dying Light another zombie survival game not in the same franchise.  Every FPS has a zombie mode, even “realistic” shooters like Call of Duty.  It’s ridiculous.

Also what happened to magical undead zombies?  Nowadays it is always modern disease zombies.


Survival Games – This category has a lot of overlap with zombie games.  There are probably more zombie-survival games than all other type of survival games combined.  I love the idea of surviving on your wits and hard work, but in the end survival is kind of boring.  I find Don’t Starve an ingenious little game, but starting over and doing the same mundane tasks of collecting wood and stone gets tedious fast.  The flaws are similar to open world games where there is a lot of space and nothing interesting to do (see State of Decay).


Block/Pixel Art – The block style is epitomized by Minecraft, but that game has a very good reason to be blocky; it makes constructing things easier.  Just like Legos.  However, there are numerous games where that modularity isn’t really needed that have adopted the same style presumably because Minecraft is very popular.  I personally find it really ugly.

The 2D equivalent is pixel art which for awhile seemed all the rage in the indie scene, though at the moment that seems to have died somewhat.  I don’t really mind it and I really like the 2D is having a bit of a resurgence, but there is no reason that your art has to be retro to be 2D.  Making your game look 8-bit is a conscious decision that you can’t really back up as motivated by economics since you could for a little more effort have higher res pixel art.  It strikes me as very hipster.


So with all these things I hate here are two game that take the cake, the cake of hate:

Dead Island Epidemic – Zombie F2P MOBA

And the worst:

Unturned – Block Art, Zombie Survival, F2P, Early Access



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