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Gamergate, Why Is This Still a Thing?

I saw the episode of Colbert Report where Colbert interviews Anita Sarkeesian and I was just shaking my head that this is still garnering media attention.  While I do not condone any of the death threats or harassment doled out … Continue reading

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Wasteland 2 Review

Oh my.  How did they mess up a turn-based, post-apocalyptic RPG so badly?  The framework of a decent game is here, but at every step Inxile has made extremely poor decisions.  I don’t know how most of the mechanics in … Continue reading

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Superhero Morality is Super Wrong

I have been reading a lot of superhero comics lately, in particular Superman.  Now the best Superman stories rarely involve him pounding on an enemy because lets face it, he is Superman and rarely outmatched.  Rather, it’s some kind of … Continue reading

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Review: Shadow of Mordor

What a pleasant surprise!  The best Assassin’s Creed game is not an AC game!  Though considering the recalcitrance of Ubisoft to make ANY changes to the AC formula and in fact importing it into other games (see Farcry), it was … Continue reading

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Political Correctness No Longer Requires a Reason

I was reading this article and was struck by how the news media that I read seems to take offense at things and then just assumes everyone should immediately understand why and agree with them.  If there are comment sections, the … Continue reading

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