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We Don’t Need New Ideas

Ezra Klein thinks the Democrats need new ideas.  This is of course BS.  I outlined the problems facing the U.S.A. in a previous post.  Democrats have good ideas for tackling all of them.  The issue is not ideas, it’s implementing … Continue reading

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The Real Origin of Serialized TV

Vox apparently doesn’t read much and doesn’t even watch much TV.  I say this because of this completely erroneous article claiming that TV started serialization in movies.  This is of course not true as good serialization has a storied past in … Continue reading

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World of Warcraft: A Retrospective

With a new expansion pack to World of Warcraft nigh, I thought it interesting to write down my thoughts about the game as it has evolved over the last decade. Vanilla – In retrospect, this was godawful.  So many useless … Continue reading

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The Most Pressing Issues Facing the U.S.A.

With an exasperating mid-term election behind us I thought it would be a good idea to look at all the issues facing the nation that will be completely ignored for the next two years at least. 1.  Income Inequality/Economy – … Continue reading

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Interstellar’s Time Travel Explained?

The thing about time travel stories is that you can usually reconcile them given enough thought and energy, but in doing so you will have put more effort into logical consistency than the actual writers of the screenplay did.  So … Continue reading

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Interstellar Review

It pains me a little to trash this movie as it actually has a lot of very good parts and it’s very mainstream for a science fiction movie trying not to be fantasy.  What is becoming abundantly clear is that … Continue reading

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Evaluating Materials for Cooking

Serious Eats has run numerous articles about the effectiveness of materials for various cooking purposes; in particular, woks and baking pizzas.  I find their analysis usually very close to correct, but not quite.  Thus, I am going to write a … Continue reading

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