We Don’t Need New Ideas

Ezra Klein thinks the Democrats need new ideas.  This is of course BS.  I outlined the problems facing the U.S.A. in a previous post.  Democrats have good ideas for tackling all of them.  The issue is not ideas, it’s implementing them over Republican opposition.  Universal Health Care has been an issue since at least Nixon who proposed a law that I would classify as to the LEFT of Obamacare.  The irony is that Klein thinks Republicans have new ideas.  But no, it’s the same old supply side, anti-Keynsian, corporatist schlock.  Klein’s examples are basically Republicans saying to other Republicans “hey, maybe we should be less, you know, Republican.”

We have the macro ideas, we don’t need new ideas.  The only thing we are unclear on are the details.  We know single payer healthcare is cheaper than private insurance.  However, there are lots of other ways to cut healthcare costs we are still unsure about.  Like switching to salaried workers rather than fee for service.  Or how many tests are actually unnecessary.  Details like that matter, but they aren’t big party ideas that you can hammer on for votes.

If voters really just want repackaged old ideas, well then maybe they really are as stupid as Jonathan Gruber said they are.


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