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Thoughts on Academic Research

Many disparate sources of information are pointing to a crisis in higher education research, but strangely different disciplines are reacting in different ways. Now the crisis I am talking about is related to research, not the many other crises in … Continue reading

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Don’t Overcomplicate Moles

They are these deeply enigmatic things to many people and the few interlocutors of Mexican Cuisine are not always doing much to roll back the mystery.  For instance Diana Kennedy’s cookbooks have progressively become less friendly to Americans cooking in … Continue reading

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The Economics of Power

Krugman recently had an editorial in the NYT talking about the decision by Walmart to raise wages above the legislatively mandated minimum wage.  He took this as a signal that raising the minimum wage is not as devastating or intractable … Continue reading

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The Value of Financial Advice

One of the consistent conclusions drawn from the recent recession and financial crisis is that finance has gotten too large.  Consider that the economic role for finance is shuttling capital into useful projects.  Finance in itself doesn’t create value, it … Continue reading

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