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Is there a solution to the decline of rural America?

I want to take a step back and recognize that there is a very real economic problem going on in broad swathes of rural and suburban America.  Manufacturing and unions died and it left these areas bereft of jobs and … Continue reading

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Understanding the Rising Populist Right

Paul Krugman recently wrote a column expressing befuddlement regarding non-xenophobic reasons for the surge in support for Trump from mostly rural whites.  This is just a continuation of the liberal self-scrutiny after Clinton lost that follows from what I call … Continue reading

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Beef Caldereta

I have decided that I need to start cataloging recipes that significantly diverge from any written recipe I currently possess and for which I believe my version is superior. I have never had beef caldereta before making it myself.  This … Continue reading

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Racism is a Tool of the Oligarchs

As many have pointed out, this election and recent political events in Europe highlight just how strong a force racism and xenophobia still are in the modern developed world.  What seems to go unremarked upon is how this is a … Continue reading

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Trump was Right

We do indeed need to make America great again, because the election of Trump to the Presidency is a sure sign that something has gone wrong.  Trump is a nasty, sexist, racist bigot of a man who is completely ignorant of … Continue reading

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