Trump was Right

We do indeed need to make America great again, because the election of Trump to the Presidency is a sure sign that something has gone wrong.  Trump is a nasty, sexist, racist bigot of a man who is completely ignorant of policy details and will likely engage in an unprecedented level of cronyism in his administration.  This didn’t seem to bother half of America.  Demographics were supposed to strengthen the Democratic party, but it turns out that these new recruits abandoned the party when they needed it most.  Now, however, I am supposed to sympathize with their plight in a country that basically condoned overt racism and I find I have little enthusiasm.  They didn’t seem to care much, so why should I?

Here is the rundown of groups I am disappointed in after this election:

  1. White people – The most wealthy and privileged group of people to ever live upon this Earth appear to harbor a strong resentment against anyone else even attempting to close the gap in living standards.  This animosity towards other ethnicities apparently trumps all other considerations, preferring to harm yourself to keep the “others” down.  So fuck white people, you entitled bastards.
  2. Black people – Yeah black people.  Apparently you didn’t get the memo, but racism is not over just because Obama was elected.  If anything this was a more important election about race than the two previous ones as one of the candidates was overtly racists and stoked the racist passions of many Americans.  But no, you chose to stay home because the Democratic candidate was white.  So fuck you black people for being racist too.
  3. Women –  What the fuck women, where were you?  This isn’t about Clinton being a woman and you should vote for her.  This is about Trump’s obviously misogynistic rhetoric and actions.  So fuck you women for not having any self-respect.
  4. Young people – You guys are idiots.  You appear to only care about the Presidency, ignoring all the other crucial elections that shape this nation and even then you are taken in by speeches and feelings over substance and policy.  You are too busy being outraged on Twitter and policing the internet to realize that change requires blood, sweat, toil and tears and not a few invigorating words.  Like in seemingly every other field, you give up the minute something requires any effort on your part.  So fuck young people.

Now yes I am sure voter suppression hurt, but it can’t explain how voter turnout dropped among some groups that should have seen a rise given the overt antagonism of one of the candidates for President.  As a white upper income male, voting Democrat does not have a lot of direct benefit for me.  I vote the way I do because I believe it will make society better as a whole, particularly for those less fortunate.  And yet everything suggests that I care more about this than the people ostensibly most affected.  I am going to be fine under a Trump/Republican government.  They will not and yet they could not be bothered to show up to the polls and send a loud message that the modern United States of America will not accept racism, sexism and ignorance.

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