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Maafe or West African Peanut Soup

We found this Senegalese restaurant not too far from us.  The service is invariably slow, but it is worth it for the Maafe.  This is a dish of lamb stewed in peanuts popular all over West Africa and while heavy … Continue reading

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Wonder Woman Movie: Reports of Feminism Are Greatly Exaggerated

First, let me say that I enjoyed Wonder Woman.  It was definitely the most enjoyable DC universe movie since The Dark Knight.  However, it’s not as good as reviews would tell you and more importantly it has none of the … Continue reading

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Beef Stifado and Braised Green Beans

I am not a huge fan of Greek food in general.  But there are two dishes I really love from the country: Stifado and braised-to-death green beans.  They are somewhat similar in flavor, but oh well. Beef Stifado 2 to … Continue reading

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Xinjiang Potatoes and a Twist on Rou Jia Mo

While we were in China and Xian in particular, we spent a night in a particular famous night market in the Muslim Quarter  It was simultaneously fascinating and singularly unpleasant.  Food is everywhere, it all looks delicious and it’s damn … Continue reading

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