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The Real Origin of Serialized TV

Vox apparently doesn’t read much and doesn’t even watch much TV.  I say this because of this completely erroneous article claiming that TV started serialization in movies.  This is of course not true as good serialization has a storied past in … Continue reading

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Superhero Morality is Super Wrong

I have been reading a lot of superhero comics lately, in particular Superman.  Now the best Superman stories rarely involve him pounding on an enemy because lets face it, he is Superman and rarely outmatched.  Rather, it’s some kind of … Continue reading

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Malazan Book of the Fallen: Gardens of the Moon and Author Hubris

Not really going to write a full review, but more express a bit of resentment towards the author. Gardens of the Moon is a notoriously difficult book to get into.  Both my wife and I have started it and given … Continue reading

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Fated Blades Books 1 and 2 Review

Here we have another new author.  I am not sure if we live in a golden age of fiction or if standards have gotten laxer and everyone can get published.  So far I am leaning toward the latter as most … Continue reading

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A Republic of Dissapointments: Review of Republic of Thieves

I cannot catch a break.  Everything I have read lately is decidedly mediocre.  This is the third in a series that started off with one of the great fantasy novels of all time with the Lies of Locke Lamora.  If … Continue reading

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Broken Empire Review

Another new author and another mild disappointment.  Lawrence has by far better writing chops than the author of The Lives of Tao.  He also has far more interesting ideas for his setting and how to subvert the tropes of modern … Continue reading

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Riyria Chronicles Review

This isn’t going to be a long review because you are probably already familiar with these characters and this author from reading the much superior Riyria Revelations.  If you want to spend more time with Royce and Hardian, then Chronicles … Continue reading

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