Best Video Games of 2005

Best year so far.  My memory is getting fuzzy so I skipped a few games.


Civilization 4 – Still the bar for civ games.

GTA San Andreas – Ambitious, but probably overly.

Freedom Force vs the Third Reich – Sadly ignored series of games.

KotoR 2 – Just as good if not better than the first.

Honorable Mention:

Resident Evil 4 – First game in the series I liked and it was the first mostly action game.

Forza Motorsport, Gran Turismo 4

God of War

Splinter Cell – Whole series is good, consider all of them Honorable Mentions

Psychonauts – A bit overrated, but quirky and fun.

Jade Empire – If only the combat were as cool as in early builds.

FEAR – Goofy plot, but fun FPS.

Half Life 2 – I never got into HL1’s single player, but this was adequate.

Prince of Persia Two Thrones

Indigo Prophecy – Trippy supernatural story wrapped in a decent adventure game.  A bit too many quick time events though

Fire Emblem Sacred Stones

Mario and Luigi Partners in Time

Hearts of Iron 2


Sly 3: All around good series of games.


Doom 3 – Honestly didn’t see what the big deal was.

Quake 4 – Same as above.

Fire Emblem Path of Radiance: Worst of recent Fire Emblem games.






Best Video Games of 2006

Best: Again no best

Honorable Mentions:

Gears of War – Whole series is always good for a coop run.

Rainbow Six Vegas – Sequel is good too, but neither are like old school Rainbow Six.

Burnout Revenge – My favorite of the series.

Medieval 2 Total War – Good, but didn’t suck me in like Rome.

Gal Civ 2 – Hey they finally just decided to remake MoO2.

Hitman Blood Money – Every game is decent, with 2 my favorite.

Table Tennis

Castlevania Portrait of Ruin


Zelda Twilight Princess – This series has been overrated since Majoras Mask.

Oblivion – Someday Bethesda will actually make a world worth spending time in.

Elite Beat Agents – Don’t get it.

Viva Pinata – See above.

Bully – Rockstar wont be superlative again until Max Payne 3.

Final Fantasy 12 – I had high hopes since the same designer did FFT, but nope it turns out single player MMOs are boring.


Neverwinter Nights 2 – Not even Obsidian could save this engine.

Best Video Games of 2007


Super Mario Galaxy – Like its sequel, overrated but still really good.

World in Conflict – Best RTS in a long freaking time.

Portal – Yeah it’s really good and funny.

Honorable Mention:

God of War 2

Project Gotham Racing 4, Fora Motorsport 2, Dirt

Unreal Torunament 3 – Don’t make them like this any more.

The Witcher – A simplistic combat system and some grindy areas hold back an otherwise great RPG.


Bioshock – See Bioshock 2

Uncharted – See rest of series.

Ninja Gaiden – I didn’t care for the rebooted games at all; consider this a stand in for them.


Mass Effect – Clunky combat and overwrought inventory system weigh down what is actually a pretty good RPG.

Super Paper Mario – Been a huge fan of this RPG series since the SNES, but this felt rushed and ugly and the 2D bits were just bad.

Metroid Prime 3 – What did they do to my beloved series?

Best Video Games of 2008

Best: I got nothing.  There were good games released, but nothing awe inspiring.

Honorable Mentions:

Burnout Paradise – Great series, but I don’t like the open world bit.

Prince of Persia – All the rebooted games have been good.

Saints Row 2 – GTA clone that is actually good.


Sins of a Solar Empire


Castle Crashers – Fun Beat em up with a friend.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 – So they finally listen and start making sequels to one of the great games of all time and then mess with the formula and add weird kiddy edge to a meaty strategy game.  Still solid though.


World of Goo – I don’t get it.

GTA 4 – I have not actually finished this.  Rockstar was letting boring characters and staid plot get in the way of fun times.

Bioshock – See Bioshock 2

Fallout 3 – I hate Bethesda’s games in general  and I hate them for turning Fallout it into a clunky FPS.

Braid – I blame this game for all overrate indie platform games.

The World Ends With You, Eternal Sonata, Tales of Vesperia – JRPGs do absolutely nothing for me any more.

Advance War – Super simple tactical combat game that is all about long grinds of unit attrition.  I can’t fathom the love for this series.

Spore – Good for one play through, has no staying power at all.

Devil May Cry 4 – Only reasonable one is the first then it becomes more and more a button mashing beat em up.


Mass Effect – Clunky combat and overwrought inventory system weigh down what is actually a pretty good RPG.

Castlevania Order of Ecclesia – Step back from the Symphony of the Night style the series has been doing.

Best Video Games of 2009


Arkham Asylum: 3D Metroid with Batman stuck on an island with all our favorite villains, how could this fail?

Resident Evil 5 – I had a lot of fun playing this twice coop.

Honorable Mentions:

Shadow Complex – Short but good Metroid clone.

New Super Mario Bros Wii – Love me 2D Mario.

Fight Night Round 4 – Entire series is really well done.

Dawn of War 2- This and all xpacks are among the few decent RTS games that have come out recently.
Defense Grid – For my money, the best tower defense out there.

Devil Survivor – I am a sucker for tactical RPGs.

Prototype – Much better than Infamous, still got a bit repetitive.

Brutal Legend – Surprisingly good, but overstays its welcome.

House of the Dead Overkill, Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles -Good coop gun games.

Dirt 2


Uncharted 2

Assassin’ Creed 2 – This stands in for the entire series except the first.  They never managed to move on from the first game; instead repeating the same awful free running and combat systems and rarely offering up anything like an assassin game and then holding it all together with a dumb nonsensical plot right out of a Dan Brown novel.

Left4Dead 2 – Still ugly and still only good coop.

Infamous -Making a poor GTA clone with superpowers does not a good game make.

Borderlands – A really slow placed FPS Diablo clone, count me out.



Dragon Age Origins: Generic setting combined with a generic and straightforward plot make for an unengaging RPG.  It also had some grindy areas (like the Deep Roads) and opaque combat mechanics.  Merely average, which isn’t acceptable from Bioware.

Best Video Games of 2010


Mario Galaxy 2 – A bit overrated, certainly not among the best games of all time as is suggested by aggregate review sites, but quite good.

Civ 5 -I still like 4 better, but it was time they tried something new.  Expansion packs seem to b good, but I haven’t tried them.

Darksiders – Way better than any recent Zelda.  I don’t care if it cribbed from a tons of sources, just excellently put together.

Mass Effect 2 – After the mess that was the first Mass Effect, Bioware really cleaned it up and made an awesome game.  I just wish it had more character customization.

Honorable Mentions:

Starcraft 2 – Also overrated since it is basically a prettier SC1, but the single player campaign was great.  I even did the achievements and I never do achievements.

Vanquish – Shows it is still possible to put together an entertaining and somewhat unique action game.

Lara Craft and the Guardian of Light – Awesome coop game, kind of middling single player game.

Split Second, Blur


Red Dead Redemption – If you like a pile of Wild West minigames then this game is for you.  Otherwise criminally boring and the action bits are poorly done.

Limbo – Yet another indie platformer.

Bayonetta – A button mashing beat em up.  I have no idea where the critical acclaim come from.Bioshock 2 – Entire series is overrated.  You can apparently stick a cool setting and philosophical meanderings onto a clunky FPS and acquire numerous plaudits.

No More Heroes 2 – Another dull beat em up.

Just Cause 2 – GTA in the jungle.  Kind of a letdown.

Enslaved – Super dull platforming adventure game.

Dead Rising 2 – Consider this a stand in for basically every zombie game.

Alan Wake – Story makes no sense and the combat mechanics are pitiful.

Red Steel 2 – Swordfighting with a Wiimote still hasn’t been done right and this slaps a repetitive and vanilla game around clunky sword controls.

Fable 3 – Another overrated series.  The only one I could finish is the first.  It would be nice if Molyneux didn’t hype all his games with features that never see the light of day.


Fallout New Vegas – I probably didn’t give this a fair shot as I really hate the Fallout 3 combat system.  I will try to give it a new go with some mods soon.

Best of Video Games: 2011


Deus Ex Human Revolution – Yeah it’s just Deus Ex remade.  Still the best game of the year a decade after its release.

Dark Souls – The fantasy RPG I always wanted but never knew.  Sequel is most anticipated game by far.

Honorable Mention:

Arkham City

Portal 2

Total War Shogun 2

Witcher 2 – Disappointing final act but otherwise superlative.

Bastion – Almost overrated, but solid little action RPG.

Saints Row 3

Dirt 3


Uncharted 3 – Whole series is overrated cinematic tripe masquerading as a game.  Can’t believe the same company made Crash Bandicoot.

La Noire – Did everyone forget that adventure games have been around forever?  Merely OK despite the press.

Killzone 3 – Another in a long list of overrated console FPS.

Ghost Trick Phantom Detective, Catherine, Trine 2, Crysis 2, Child of Eden, Beyond Good and Evil


Dragon Age 2 – First was merely adequate, this is actually a legitimately bad game.